Basically, there is a plethora of games that are grouped depending on their characteristics and the kind of gameplay which they come with. Game categories may also come with subgenres, and most of the games fit into many varieties.

It may be confusing, especially when you know nothing about these categories. However, with the breakdown in the game categories, you will be able to understand how publishers and developers sort their titles.

Action Games

This is a genre where players are fully in control to handle physical challenges. Most of the games, such as Galaga and Donkey Kong fall under this category. Since games under this genre are simple to get and play, developers recover money by using the most common games.

Moreover, the genre is also sorted into further subgenres, such as the following:

  • Shooter
  • Stealth
  • Fighting
  • Platformer

Adventure Games

Adventure video games are sorted depending on the styles of gameplay and not the content or story of the games. Since technology has provided developers with different options to explore in various genres, games falling under thin category have not developed a lot from the text-based heritages.

Although players get the chance of interacting with the environments to solve puzzles using hints that are provided, games in this category are not popular.

Strategy Games

The gameplay depends on the traditional strategy that offers players the freedom of accessing the world as well as its resources. Additionally, the games in this category expect players to employ developed tactics and strategies to deal with challenges professionally and effectively.

Of late, the games have shifted from the turn-based gameplay to the real-time systems after players gave their honest feedback. Now, players can take part in games that fall under subgenres, such as the following:

  • RTS (Real-time strategy)
  • Artillery
  • RTT (Real-time tactics)
  • 4X


This is one of the popular category that comes with fantasy settings or feature medieval. This is because the root of this genre may be dated back to the days of Dragons and Dungeons as well as other pen role-playing video games.

Although the RPGers don’t offer discounts in games, such as Final Fantasy, Fallout, and Mass Effect, the act has helped to set exceptional spins on this genre. In addition, gamers get the opportunity of influencing the results of the game. Therefore, this means that most (role-playing games) RPGs have different endings.


When it comes to this category, games incorporate two different game mechanics that needs to be conquered through action elements or tools. For instance, in the game of Legend of Zelda, a player has to find his way to the eight dungeons so that he can gather the pieces of Triforce Wisdom.

Immediately the pieces are collected and gathered as the artifact, the player will, therefore, enter the ninth dungeon to free Zelda princess. Hence, based on the settings, this game has puzzles, discovering loot, and exploration that players need to deal with.

Moreover, action-adventure has other subgenres, such as the following:

  • Metroidvania
  • Survival horror

Concluding Remarks

Based on the fact that technology is growing continuously, video game fanatics have a productive interactive landscape. With over 100 online courses and video game camps, you can learn and create ID Tech to entertain kids.

Hence, for everyone who wants to learn everything about the development of games, exploring the genres might be the beginning of taking part in something extraordinary.