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Restored V-81 Coca-Cola Machines

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Vendo built about 36,000 V-81's between 1955 & 1958. The first year Vendo produced the all-red "A" model with a small logo embossed in the top center. In mid-1956 they switched over to a two-tone paint scheme for their "B" model, enlarged the logo & moved it to the right. Sometime in 1957, Vendo changed the front coin door with the "D" model. This new coin door was available with an optional coin mechanism that could give change for a quarter.
All 3 versions are capable of vending many different sized bottles & up to 9 different flavors, with a capacity for 81 bottles. Only 58" high, 27" wide & 16" deep, the V-81 is now one of the most desirable machines for homes due to it's size & versatility.
Priced at $6999.

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